Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Giardia: A parasite associated with IBS, gallbladder disease and other health issues

"The new book on Parasites associated with IBS, gallbladder disease and other health issues."(Susan Koten, founder of the Willow Herbal Centre).

Many people are diagnosed with IBS - a catch-all for chronic gut problems for which no cause can be found - but what if a parasite named Giardia lamblia were the cause? What if medical professionals were dismissing Giardia as the culprit simply because of a lack of awareness and out of date information? Medical herbalist Susan Koten explains in detail her experience of diagnosing, treating and eradicating this prolific parasite from her patients, using natural herbal medicine. Susan has helped many people overcome digestive disorders, and in this book she explains the signs, symptoms and treatments for those suffering from a Giardia infestation. She also shows that understanding what Giardia is, and how easily it invades our bodies, is the key to overcoming it..


Find out:
  • who is at risk from Giardia infection?

  • why is Giardia rarely considered as a cause of chronic gut disorders?

  • how Giardia impacts the immune system.

  • how Giardia exacerbates allergies

  • why the gallbladder and pancreas are at risk

  • how Giardia causes stress which intensifies symptoms

  • the malaria connection

  • getting the wrong diagnosis

  • how to build your defences

  • the best ways to avoid infection

  • which medicinal herbs are most suited to combating Giardia

Case studies throughout the book illustrate the devastating impact of Giardia infection and how it can be overcome. A great book for anyone with unexplained digestive problems

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